118 Kerckhoff Hall
(310) 825-2787

The Student Media office encompasses the Daily Bruin, seven newsmagazines, the Bruinlife yearbook, BruinNews 29 TV station and The office offers quarterly workshops where students can learn skills required to work in different publications. Students can work as reporters, editors, designers, photographers and advertising sales representatives.

The Daily Bruin
118 KH
(310) 825-9898

The Daily Bruin, UCLA’s student-run daily newspaper, is the primary campus source for news. The paper is published weekdays during the academic year, excluding 10th week and finals week, and published once a week during summer.

118 KH
(310) 206-7877
Serving the Muslim community.

Bruin Life
118 KH
(310) 825-2640
This office plans, designs, and produces the UCLA yearbook.

118 KH
(310) 206-6168
Serving the women’s community.

118 KH
(310) 825-6280
Serving the Jewish community.

La Gente
118 KH
(310) 825-9836
Serving the Chicano/a, Latino/a, and Native American community.

118 KH
(310) 825-3305
Serving the African American community.

118 KH
(310) 825-8500
Serving the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community.

Pacific Ties
118 KH
(310) 825-1004
Serving the Asian and Pacific Islander community.